• 2024/04/24 – Spring 2024 Annual Update

    **This notice was mailed to all members on 4/25/2024 as required** Greetings Neighbors! This is the first official annual update from the Orange Commons Homeowners Association to all members. We will endeavor to keep this information concise. Should you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to email board@orangecommons.com and we will get back…

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  • 2023/12/16 – Orange Commons 2nd Members Meeting & Updates

    2023-12-10 Members Meeting SummaryAt the time of meeting we had 14 of 108 votes from outside the board. The board brought that number to 19 which was still well short of the 58 needed for quorum. Due to this, the election was not held. The second meeting for the election will be Monday, January 8th,…

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  • 2023/11/28 – Orange Commons Updates

    Hello Neighbors, Meetings As mentioned last time, there was a board meeting on 9/25. A good amount of that meeting was spent discussing drainage and landscaping (more below). Beyond the other regular agenda items we also spent some time working out the plan for the December all-members meeting. That meeting will be on Sunday, December…

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