• 2023/11/28 – Orange Commons Updates

    Hello Neighbors, Meetings As mentioned last time, there was a board meeting on 9/25. A good amount of that meeting was spent discussing drainage and landscaping (more below). Beyond the other regular agenda items we also spent some time working out the plan for the December all-members meeting. That meeting will be on Sunday, December…

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  • 2023/06/28 – Orange Commons Updates

    Hello all- Meetings The schedule for board meetings was discussed in the first members meeting earlier this year. Board meeting have been at the end of each quarter (3/27, 6/26, next 9/25) and the details are published on the website¬†https://orangecommons.com/meetings/¬†– all are welcome to join and observe the board meetings, but outside of publishing the…

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  • 2023/06/27 – June Meeting Details

    Meeting Minutes and WIP agenda for the September 25, 2023 meeting have been added to this folder: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1dMIADkLVRgCN5QP_Q289YNGBkvKLyZOH?usp=drive_link Video links have been removed for containing personal identifying information of members within them. A full update on the state of affairs will be compiled and sent to all via email soon.

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