Good evening neighbors!

There are a number of updates below, but we’ll put the financial bit first. The HOA has a bank account, a PO box, and the infrastructure required to begin processing the requisite transactions. All of the board members have already paid their 2023 assessments and we’re in the process of mailing out the invoices for everyone else. You can expect to receive those closer to the end of this week.

Attached to this email is a generic pdf version of that invoice. Feel free to get a jump on it prior to receiving that in the mail. If you are going to mail it in and you use the pdf from this email, please be sure to indicate the address you’re paying for on the page. You may also pay online. There are no free methods for businesses (the HOA is an incorporated nonprofit) to accept payments. We found one with a reputation for working with HOAs and similar organizations that charges roughly the industry average for payment processing. That cost (3.5% + $0.59) will show as a fee at checkout if you use that method.

To pay online, visit:

We will be updating the website as time allows to reflect payments received. You can see the current status here:

Onto the other items:

We’re close to inking a deal with a vendor after getting quotes on the common areas from many local companies. We didn’t sign with them yet as we didn’t have funds in place to do so, but we’re hoping to be able to move forward with them and hopefully be on their schedule next week and biweekly thereafter. I’ll share the name on the website once the final decision has been made. We are also working with them on a preferred rate for residents and will share those details when available. Thanks to Han, Nathaniel, Fouzy, Jeff and anyone else that I don’t know about who has been helping maintain the areas!

These two items are in strong competition as frontrunner for what we get paid first as funds come in. Hopefully in the next couple weeks we get both in place. We’re completely unprotected as a group currently without the insurance and we’re quite delinquent on this year’s taxes at this point. Once we have the money I am going to go to the town hall and see the receiver of taxes to ask to forgive the penalties in person.

Sewer Pump Station
The town has accepted the pump station into the local sewer district (as it should have many years ago) and is now responsible for the ongoing utility cost associated with the site. This was quite the saga but appears to be behind us now.

Initial Purchase HOA Fees
We’ve gone back and forth on this, but I’ve been able to confirm with multiple parties that Prime Companies issued a letter for every property given to Ryan Homes waiving the collection of both the $100 one-time contribution as well as “first year assessments” they quoted. This is behind us now as there are no funds for us to seek out. If you feel that you did pay these costs, please find your HUD-1 form from closing and forward it on to us.

Thanks all.  As always, you can reach all 5 board members via