Hello all.

Today’s meeting got cut short after roll call. We did not have enough people present who had not already voted to proceed. We had 46 votes cast before the meeting and 2 additional people in the meeting who could have voted for a total of 48. The quorum quantity was 57.

What happens now? We have another meeting. It’ll be in about a month. Another mailed notice will be sent as required. The proxy votes for this meeting carry forward to the next meeting and the new quorum amount is half that of the prior meeting. As it stands today the next meeting the existing proxy ballots are enough to move forward. Others that join at that time will be allowed to vote as well.

Thanks to those who participated. I didn’t follow my notes since we didn’t get in to the proper meeting so unfortunately I do not have a recording of the meeting to share this time. There was no proper meeting, just a discussion with about 30 of us on some base concerns and how we might come together to resolve them. Even with only 30 live participants there was a healthy representation of varied and differing viewpoints. There will be a recording shared of the proper meeting that happens next time.

Also, an email was sent today to all who had filled in their contact information with us previously. This email contained a PDF copy of the HOA document as requested in the discussion for anyone who did not have a copy.

Look out for the upcoming mailer with the new date/time/details. Feel free to use the existing voting methods (minus the drop-box, I took it down earlier) in the interim.

Send any feedback, questions, etc to: board@orangecommons.com