Good evening all!

There has been a new page added to the site where you can see the board members and candidates for the upcoming meeting. Check it out at:

I mentioned updated contact information in my last update. I intended to open the PO Box between then and now but I did not do so as the out-of-pocket costs are starting to add up. This won’t be a concern once we have the budget finalized and assessments in place so that box will be opened and published to all early on in February.

The mailed notice for this meeting along with the proxy ballots is expected to be sent out to everyone by the end of this week so I would expect you to receive them early next week. Please respond to the contents as soon as you’re able to do so. Note that each of the 113 homes acts as a single member even if there are multiple registered owners for that home.

Meeting information:
Saturday January 28, 2023 – 2:00pm

Join from browser or app:

Dial in option:
Phone Numbers
+1 575-587-5668‬
PIN: ‪513 559 776#

Link to draft of the agenda:

Updated shared drive link:
This is now on the account where it can stay long term. It can be discussed later but many of us feel that this information collection (along with all the future documents we create as a group) should be password protected. All community members would have the password, but we don’t necessarily want our vendors, the developer, or other outsiders having easy access to the repository.
The old link I shared in the past will continue to work as well until after the meeting when I retire that account. I will work to keep the draft budget updated on both accounts with any items that come up.

Other items:
Not much new information to share. Upon additional review of the HOA document there do appear to be a few items necessary to add to the budget but they should be inexpensive. Article VIII Section 9 requires fidelity bonds for anyone on the board or officers that will have access to HOA funds. Presumably this would be the treasurer and president that end up being appointed but can be confirmed at the meeting. Additionally there is a requirement for the board to obtain workman’s comp insurance in Article XII Section 4. I’ve sent out for quotes on these.

If anyone has connections with the following entities and would recommend their services (and preferably believes we could get good pricing), please reach out with contact information. or messaging on Facebook work great. We need better budget numbers from:

Landscaping companies for the common areas (JM was used by the Sponsor – their rates seem very high at $1000 per cut, especially since they were not even cutting most of the areas they should have been)

Accountant (CPA) for tax filings and certifying the required audit (Harvazinski & Montanye was used by the sponsor at ~$1200/yr)

Attorney for anything and everything that may arise (A free initial consult would be helpful, but the HOA will have ongoing concerns that an attorney should handle rather than the board members)‬