It’s been a wild December! Hopefully you all are enjoying the holiday season. Happy new year!

We’ve made some great progress on the HOA front. I’ve worked with Ken Raymond’s assistant, Nancy, a number of times over the last 6 weeks. They have seen the light and have paid off the landscaping bills and their (irrelevant to us) utility bills for the pumping station. The only thing they haven’t covered (and are not going to) is the property taxes, so those are still outstanding for us to resolve ASAP.

Adjusting for double entries we had 73 responses (of 113, 65%) to David’s form that went out on the post card. From those responses it appears that Saturdays were the preferred days and decent availability in the afternoon for a meeting. We’ve set up for a virtual meeting that all can join (landline, phone/tablet app and web browser will all be options). The meeting will also be recorded so that anyone who was unable to join live can watch/listen to it later. Preferably all future meetings will be recorded and available for consumption this way as well.

The meeting will be on Saturday, January 28, at 2pm. We are planning for about 1 hour and will ensure an agenda is shared out well in advance. The highlights for this initial meeting are: getting the board election squared away, assigning the officer roles by the board, discussing and approving the budget, and working through any specifics regarding collecting the dues from members. We should likely address the modifications made to HOA Parcel H (next to the eastern egress onto 31 from McNamara) by the neighboring homeowner.

Part of prior updates and the form from the postcard was seeking board candidates. We now have an updated roster from the last 6 weeks that currently has exactly as many volunteers as needed.

  • 3yr term candidates (x2): David Porter, William Casolare
  • 2yr term candidates (x2): Rochelle Jones, Jonathan Knight
  • 1yr term candidates (x1): Erica Scott

Voting will be a bit of a formality given this ballot, but we’ll proceed as normal to meet the bylaws as best as possible considering the developer delays. Along with the required notice of the meeting I intend to mail everyone proxy ballots that can be used to vote. These will also contain instructions for submitting votes via website, voicemail, text message, or email.

If you have anything specific to send to the board, please send it to: – This email address will forward out to all current board members (and currently to the candidates as well).

I’ll have an additional update in the middle-to-end of next week. This will contain more contact information, the information for joining the meeting, updated links for shared drive contents, and any additional updated information we have to share. I am still working with Prime to obtain more documents that we should have in our possession, or a written explanation for our records as to why they do not exist. In the meantime I hope to set up a method to share these updates directly to the email/phone numbers shared with us (in the form) to ensure everyone gets timely information.